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Over the years Forever United has allowed me to get to know some really awesome people. When I was living in Greenville, I'm going to guess around 2015 I met Brandon Boggs. Boggs was a local at Backdoor Skateshop (I think he was actually working there) after moving to town for school. I ran into him here and he was one of the guys at the shop I clicked with. He always seemed interested to hear about the brand and was usually hyped on what I had going on. We'd also run into each other at the skatepark and seeing how positive he was with his piers, his overall demeanor, and a good word from the Backdoor Shop owner Billy Rabon I invited him to be a part of Forever United.

Over the several years he's been a part of Forever United he's been somebody I can count on. If I ask for clips he's down to get something filmed, he gives feedback on upcoming releases, and he even took it upon himself to take merch back to his hometown and made sales. The Forever United team is a small bunch, they shred and are a joy to be around and work with. As a team manager Boggs is exactly what any brand is looking for and it'd definitely hurt the company not to have him as a part of the team.

Recently I saw a post from our homie Will Fleishman a former team rider and close friend to Boggs, asking to say a prayer for him. I assumed they were out skating and Brandon got broke off so I just gave it a little time, being that there's nothing I can phsyically do to help and I knew he'd have people hitting him up non-stop I waited a bit to hit him up. That's when I saw a snap Boggs posted himself on a stretcher with a caption to the tune of "this is not good, on the way to Duke". When I saw this I realized this wasn't just a run of the mill crash, going to Duke is serious. I hit up Will and I get crushed by the response... Boggs is suffering liver and kidney failure and will need a transplant.

I was on lunch break riding with a friend headed back to work and I felt my stomach drop. Thoughts were racing, I'm still upset typing this especially not sure if there is anything I can do to help. Never have I had to experience a friend go through such a major emergency, and though I haven't known Boggs for too long I want the absolute best for him. The good news is we've seen from family posts that he's fighting and even from him inviting friends over to see him. He's in good spirits and his health is improving but he's still got a ways to go.

Brandon is a part of the team which means he's family so regardless of how the company does financially I am responsible for helping him. I chose to be a part of the skate scene and I have NOT created a brand that is built on taking from the scene. Boggs has added so much to Forever United and I can only hope to give some of that energy back in return. So I ask you to join me and support this GoFundMe set up by his friends and contribute anything you can to help the expense of what may be a lengthy recovery. Also we'll be posting links of a Boggs Strong t-shirt that Backdoor Skateshop is putting out to raise funds, and we too will be releasing a skate tee and all proceeds will be donated to Boggs recovery.


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