A New Direction

A New Direction

For years I've struggled with this brand; mainly the name. For whatever reason the name didn't stick with some people, it doesn't always roll off the tongue. The words in my mind however are powerful Forever United, to be united... forever. Who knows I'm sure the same thing applies to any company, most brands names or name arrangements aren't always familiar to the masses.

So I was buying shoes this weekend and at check out the girl asked for my email. So I gave it to her, forever united apparel... then as usual she didn't know how to spell apparel. This is common and I probably struggled with the word at some point but I use it everyday so now its 2nd nature. This brought up an issue I've dealt with for quite some time, I always wondered how much traffic I lose due to not being able to spell apparel. Google searches of course fix this issue but a quick and easy customer experience is what we aim for.

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This brings me to the conclusion. For years I've looked for other website domains, fua.com, foreverunited.com, etc. and those are parked for well more than worth acquiring at this point. For a number of seasons we've also ran a few United Ones designs, which brings us to today. The United Ones symbolizes the same vision as Forever United has, and its the group that of people that have bought into the brand at this point we are The United Ones. So I searched and bought theunitedones.com and now that along with the original foreverunitedapparel.com both now bring you here.

Now this isn't a rebranding, a name change or anything like that. The brand is still Forever United Apparel but we're adding The United Ones as a staple mantra much like #TeamFUA was since our inception. The goal is still the same our aim is to bring people together, to look past differences and be accepting of others and to create a worldwide family. So the new direction is just building on what we started and the future is looking bright. We are The United Ones, join the family.

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