What 'United' States?

United in the Merriam-Webster is:

1 : made one : combined 2 : relating to or produced by joint action a united effort 3 : being in agreement : harmonious a united family 

With this definition in mind why is it we have called America the 'United States'? To step back through the history of America, our 'founder' credited to Christopher Columbus began the theft of the land from the natives that once thrived here. Europeans and spaniards sent travelors in search of riches but we failed to name those flying under a government flag pirates. The natives taught early settlers how to live off the land, they were thanked with genocide. Slaves were later brought in by the boat load and over 2 centuries people were treated no better if not worse than livestock. Order was set by those in control and how to stay in control meant having land, money, and political power. Sadly even after the 2 World Wars, the abolishment of slavery, the civil rights movements, and all the advancements of society we still face the some lesser degree of hardships of our ancestors once faced. Hate has found its way through bloodlines and though concealed is very much so a part of our every day life.

So is this the United States? After the North defeated the South that only put an end to the establishment of the confederacy, though it still lived in my hearts of those under the regime. The idea that a man was better by the color of his skin, and that you should legally be able to sell and trade other property freely (this 'property' the conderates refer to includes human beings). Its called heritage not hate and its said to be okay because that's what their ancestors stood and fought for even if it was an unjust cause. It was some time before the civil war lawyer and poet Francis Scott Key penned what would be the 'Star Spangled Banner' a song that many have used their platform to protest in recent years. Key, once a slave owner, and avid anti-abolitionist uses the line "land of the free" and we take it to mean all people while he spent a bit of his professional time fighting againt the ending of slavery. Yet that song is reguarded as a mark of freedom and patriotism and people are shunned for showing disapproval.

Over the recent years we saw our nation divide mo