Dre3x NEW Single Release

This year we teamed up with a couple new rappers, these guys couldn't be more different having completely opposite styles both have a passion for their craft. Dre3x (Dre Three Times) a Fayetteville, NC native now residing in Greenville, is currently putting together his debut project although this is not his first time behind the mic. Dre was formally a secular rapper in his youth, after growing older, wiser, and going through some life changes he transformed his style to fit a bigger purpose; his faith.

Now a Christian hip-hop artist Dre3x has released his first single of his upcoming EP Wretchproof called The Repentance. His rap style is know different from the lyricists of the 90s and early 2000s hip hop, slick metaphors and witty punchlines on top of quality production outline a path that takes you through his faith journey and the ups and down that come with. We're glad to welcome Dre to the Forever United family and we're excited to follow his journey and hear his work.

Hear this freestyle track in its entirety and Dre's new single The Repentance on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dre3times

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