Spring No-Breaks

Jeff Berlin Rally Team

Spring for #TeamFUA has been promising, we've got Logan Best in Texas preparing for the James Stewart Freestone Spring National, Jeff Berlin going for redemption at Sandblast Rally, the weather is finally good enough to continue collecting clips with skater Tyson Panichelli, and newest addition Dre3x is lighting up the studio with on his new EP Wretchproof set to drop later this Spring.

This weekend the first round of Loretta Lynn's qualifiers kicked off, Logan Best started off with south central area qualifers in Texas grabbing overalls in both 65cc 7-9 and 7-11. Logan has been in Texas for several weeks preparing for the 2nd amateur national of the year. Michael Barnum who returned from an ACL tear earlier this year took the trip up to ECMX for the south east area qualifer, and put the Honda in the top 10 going 7-4 in 450A. Long time FUA rider Alex Burch enjoyed some of the best Florida had to offer ripping several tracks in the area and wrapping up a week long vacation at Daytona supercross.

Logan Best 65cc

Jeff Berlin and co-driver Zak Skipper returned to Sandblast Rally looking to complete their first stage rally an event where they grenaded the motor after only the 2nd stage last year. Stage rally is an event composed of multiple off-road trail sections where drivers compete for the best times through each stage, best overall time wins. Jeff and Zak pushed the Subaru GC8 hard through the rough sandy track this time completing the race and finishing on the podium in 2nd place. Jeff made it a memorable one being one of the few cars to launch a so called "bump" putting the Subie in the air which made for some rad action shots.

Jeff Berlin rally car

We have been going strong to start the 2016 year, filming with some local skate homies, the release of a lit spring collection, and planning for bigger and better for the future of Forever United so we havn't and aren't planning much of a Spring Break. Stop by our website and pick up some merchandise so we can continue to support our guys out living their dreams and repping the brand. Also don't forget to give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter @fuapparel so you don't miss out on any new releases or special content including contest and giveawys and as always BE UNITED!

Pictures from top to bottom: Top: Logan Best with his 65cc KTM and overall trophies. Middle: Jeff and Zak launching what was called a "bump" in the Sandblast Rally notes. Bottom: Landing from the jump, which Jeff states was smoother than it looked and only minor cosmetic damage reported.

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