Logan Best: Training Grounds

Earlier this month we went out to Jimmy Weinert Training Facility to film with our buddy Logan Best. Logan is getting in form for the 2016 motocross season aboard his new KTM 65 as he looks to improve on what was an awesome race season in 2015!

For those that have had the chance to watch Logan ride you know the treat he is to see on the track, the little guy hitting all the jumps definitely stands out almost wherever they go. His speed puts him with the top 65cc racers in the country and you meet him you realize he's a riot and makes his ricky manuevers on the track understandable.

We're so glad to have him on the Forever United team, as a fan of his the past couple years being able to add him to TeamFUA last year was awesome and with that he helped launch our youth apparel line available now. If you want to get a chance to see Best and some other Forever United moto rippers don't miss the next race day on our calender at JWTF in Maysville, NC on January 30th and 31st.

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