Till Death

I often find myself taking breaks from important things like this blog, social media, or our retailers all because I get too involved in different projects. Well now really understanding all these things work together even when we don't see the results will push me to stay on top of these things. Like you may have read in my last post this summer I made the commitment to make Forever United my full-time ocupation and without the distraction of working for another company I must get these things done and done better than before.

In my absence of posts the work was still getting done, we have released a new collection of fall products, this time introducing a new theme to the brand, Till Death. This new concept began with the abbreviation of United, UNTD, which lead us to the acronym United Now Till Death. To us this is just another clever way of delievering our original message. Till Death is to the end, forever, our message has been the same since day one. Already we've seen growth in sales due to this line alone and sales across the board from new logo designs. Find all these new items and previous seasons best here.

Pictured below: To the Grave hoodie

We've got a lot more to talk about with our business with Backdoor Skateshop improving weekly, a new skateboarder on the roster in Tyson Panichelli, motocross rider Devin Culbreth's journey back to racing, and rallycross racer Jeff Berlin's race team success so stay tuned for all that and more.

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