Summer daze and FUA

Well I began this summer like no other by leaving my contruction job of 3 years, definitely a hard decision

because at this point Forever United hadn't budded into the multi-million dollars operation overnight as I have so often dreamed. Accepting this isn't a world changing technology or invention or even an internet sensation I realized I have something that's even better, a concept with sustainability and our ways of moving at such a part-time pace was losing fans attention. So with my main source of income gone I took this one full-time. At the moment no property has been taken or turned off so I must thank all our customers for that, it's been amazing to see this thing at least float as of now and I hope we can continue to please.

My love of traveling most likely is due to my parents, and our family goes on fun trips every year. This year we visted Gatlinburg, TN where we stayed in a quiet mountain resort 5 minutes from downtown. Okay so basically Gatlinburg and the nearby town of Pidgeon Forge are huge tourist spots so basically its the same 30 buildings of shopping and food every few miles but the views are the phenominal. We drove and hiked the Great Smoky Mountains highest point, Clingman's Dome at a height of 6,643ft, unfortunately it was severly foggy but given our views from ascending the mountain it still felt awesome... and cold. We stopped at a lot of vehicle pull-outs for views/trails/mental decompression in the driving portion of the moutain to joy glimples of different miles of mountains each its own captivating view.