Best podiums Loretta's

Famed country singer Loretta Lynn's ranch is nestled in the rolling hills of Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. On the grounds a stream, horse stables, its own working post office and for use only once a year an outdoor motocross track. Obstacles like the 10 commandments a set of big long whoops (think 3' dirt rumble strips), a long sand sweeper, and off cambers separate the racers. At the moment Logan Best dreams are to be a motocross racer, with racing heroes of the likes of champion Ryan Dungey and being trained by former champion and racing legend Jimmy Weinert, it is clear his passion for the sport. Best made it through several rounds of rigorous qualifiers to reach Loretta's and a chance to preform in front of the who's who of the motocross industry. From the smallest, 50s, class to the largest, 250/450A, class good results here can mean big time support from companies helping the family budget on what is a money pit of a sport.

At Loretta Lynn's riders battle not only each other but grueling heat, weather, and a progressively rough track. In order to win here its up to the rider and teams behind them to have a proper bike setup and make the least amount of mistakes on the track the skill level is at its best here. Most kids here foregoe regular school and go the homeschool route so that they can get as many hours on the track and training as possible all in pursuit of a professional career.