JBR Back at it!

After an engine failure on their biggest most anticipated race of the year the Jeff Berlin Rally crew faced a huge to-do list to get some racing in before the next stage rally in WV. The team has now completed the car and had a FULL weekend of racing, taking the track in both Georgia and North Carolina over the weekend. A mechanical in Ga brought a DNF for the team, and they were forced to trailer a broken car back to National Speed for a quick adjustment which resulted in a 4th in Wilson, NC.


Jeff says the car still is not 100%, but quite a feat none the less after they were awaiting the arrival of a part for the brakes the day of their first race of the weekend, not to mention the complete engine swap being complete just before. The team GoFundMe is still open for those to want to be a valuable part of a start-up race team, and get some swag from us. Big shouts out to all those putting in the overtime getting the car race ready, its proven they know what they're doing with consistant speed and as they continue to gain experience they'll be a name to remember soon!

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