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Last weekend we visited Elizabeth City MX for the Loretta Lynn's area qualifier where Mike Barnum and Devin Culbreth took the track both in the A class against a pretty tough crowd. Riders came in from all over to get the last area qualifier in before the regional round. A tough go for Culbreth nursing a foot injury but showed speed to crack the top 10 on a couple occasions. Barnum was giving the new 450f a good break in pulling a top 5 in moto 1 and a top 10 overall.

Devin who most recently moved up to the A class has definitely welcomed the paybacks, perks of running the A class but is seeing how elusize the cash can be. In motocross one circumstance your fault or not can take you from first of 30 to dead last in less than a minute sometimes seconds, battling for good results is something that doesn't come easy and our guys know the ups and downs to well. We look forward to following our guys straight to the biggest showdown in amateur motocross at Loretta Lynn's Ranch.

Qualifiers cont. at NCMP the weekend of this article. Mike Barnum raced while Culbreth spent some family time while nursing a nagging foot injury.

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