Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!!

Wow, spring for the Forever United crew has been great! We've had some great times, so far and the fun rolls on. Over the past 4 years we have consitantly been able to sell our product over a really wide audience, yet we as a company don't operate full-time. Well we've laid the ground work for what's next and everything from marketing ot personnel is being addressed. With the 5 years anniversary of annoucing the brands creation is coming the end of this month and we're still arranging plans and events for our summer schedule.

So if you're a fan of the brand this year we took a trip to Atlanta for some Supercross and BMX, we released a potent Spring release which brought good sales, had some awesome times with the TeamFUA crew watching our boy Cooper Webb win the 250 SX title, and had some track time at the track with our amateur A class ripper Devin Culbreth and Michael Barnum. We've also been stacking clips and getting interviews for our FUA documentary, plus building our media setup as well as taking our already in-house production to another level year 5 and beyond are sure to be awesome. Be on the lookout for the summer line, drop 1 to release in June!

- FU

Dream Live Experience


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