Juwols Jones: December 10th Early Listening Party


I went to a listening party for my homie Juwols Jones last Saturday hosted by DJ Danny Ocean. His new album December 10th was supposed to drop on the title date but some last minute fine tuning pushed the project back a month.

This new project is more Juwols and that basic category, in my opinion, that is because there is no comparison. It's hip-hop says the catchy metaphores and pounding beats and it's got details and vibes ups and downs probably the real musical talent and hands on approach. Little stuff you catch that leaves you laughing and missing the next line, a lot of fun.

Music you listen too and not brainlessly chant, so yeah I'm really digging it and bummed the party didn't come with a free copy haha. Well I'll be getting with you guys on iTunes on 1.20.15.

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