Fall Update Pt. 2

Heritage Day was up next, a homecoming for FUA one which we see a different crowd than a usual visit. This event brought us many different interested residents wanting an expanation to the stickers and products they've been seeing all over town. It was fun to see just how much people notice us back home and seeing the growth as well as expaining our concept and how pleased they are with our stance. Pamlico's support has been there since before our launch, the street running I did to get notice of the brands forthcoming, thanks to everyone back home they're why I'm able to go city to city sharing my artwork and brand with so many others.


One day watching BMX edits we came across a link to this year's Redbull Dreamline contest, well word was the biggest BMX dirt event in the world would be held near Asheville, NC and we had to be there. We locked up some tickets and when the day came we rolled to Brevard, NC for some a huge contest. With towering dirt jumps reaching heights of 15ft. riders were boosting to the moon throwing insane lines down all day. We dodged some light weather typical to the area, forgetting to throw a jacket in my bag wasn't my smartest move but when the rain passed the sun was beaming. The contest built by riders and judged by riders was a huge success leaving me anxious to see the tv broadcast from NBCSports Redbull Signature Series.


Next we went out to Godwin, North Carolina for the 2nd Annual Waffle House Pro Shootout at Hog Heaven MX. Wildly enough sponsors have come together here to put on an event to help a financially tight sport a bigger payout than any single pro race can offer. Pro rippers Jimmy Decotis, Phil Nicoletti, Chris Canning and many others battled the rough track for some entertaining racing. Team rider Devin Culbreth's performance however earned some big recognition. In his first moto Devin was involved in the first turn pile up and was left dead last of 30+ racers, he fought hard and weaved through the pack for a super impressive 5th place finish in 250B. Devin also raced his 250 in the 450B classes his 5th would be his lowest finish chasing MTF rider Brandon Hartraft (40) for 3 consecutive 2nds. Culbreth looks to continue to train for the upcoming Mini O's amatuer national late November where he'll take on the nations best B class competition.


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