Fall weather has finally reached eastern NC but we had a great run. Our fall has been awesome with sales from our 2014 Fall line nearly every stop edging out last years numbers at this time, we were able to make some new customers and hopefully life long family to the FUA brand. We've also enjoyed some great times with friends and family. With trips to New York and Western North Carolina as well as some other races and events in the area, our calender has been full and its been a fun ride.

Ironclad MX was our first stop of our 2 month swing jam packed with dates. Casual local race and also a highlight of the series as it was the annual fair race. Country fair and dirtbikes has been an on-going thing since well before our attachment to the now CCMX series for all the local guys. Alex Burch and Chad Knowles put in some laps while Devin Culbreth watched the action. Cooper Webb was also home from his off season and was out kicking it.

Next we rode out to Maysville, NC for a video shoot with Alex Burch for an upcoming video project. Burch and Chad Knowles came out to a freshly groomed JWTF to find the "Jammer" dozed some new booters in the Insanity motocross track. On a day with perfect weather we got to shoot the fellas throwing some flattys for the camera and ripping around the track. We strapped the GoPro on Burch and released a video of him turning some hot laps here.

I mentioned spending time with family and this next trip was one I can never forget. Days before New York Yankee Derek Jeter's last game with the team he began his career with I scored 4 tickets in the nosebleeds (the very next night in Jeter's final home game ticket prices reached record highs). We were going to see the Yankees play in the Bronx, not only that "the Captain" one of the most respected athletes in baseball was ending a Hall of Fame career.


My brother, father, my girlfriend and I all made the drive late one night to be at Yankee stadium by noon. It was amazing although we ended up missing almost 2 innings, even a Yankee loss and an off game for Jeter didn't harm the experience at all it was all still so majestic being a long time fan of the team. We were able to stay in Brooklyn with my Uncle and cousins so we got to see alot of the NY roads and of course the traffic. We got up the next morning for some sight seeing unfortunately I had to get back so we were really only limited to taking the train to Manhattan to see the site of the fallen World Trade Center. Another epic experience from seeing the first responder fire station, to the memorial fountain where the buildings once stood and the new tower gracing the city skyline it was just rad to take it in in person rather than on TV or through photos.

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