Devin Culbreth: Silver Dollar Vurb Classic

Devin Culbreth recently took it down to Georgia for the 2nd leg of the Vurb Classic this year being held at the Silver Dollar Raceway. Devin put up some solid finishes staying in the top 10 and fighting for top 5 results, he managed to edge out a 4th overall and 7th overall on the weekend.

Devin continues to follow the Vurb GTDT down to South of the Border MX this weekend and up north to Maryland to race a pro national favorite track Budds Creek. In motocross being on the bike is so important and in order to push your level of riding its a must that you race heavy competition. Vurbmoto brought the AM national feel to a local race setup, there presence in motocross media brings out some of the fastest rippers in the sport and without all the qualifiers and the expenses that big events like Loretta Lynn's require. This gives up and coming privateer riders like Devin, who are fighting for support from industry teams and companies to improve their race program, the ability to do work amoung the best riders in the region and gain exposure needed to get help in the sport.

Last year at the Vurb Classic Devin recieved one of the several Race Tech Shocking Performance awards given which allowed him to recieve full factory suspension support with Race Tech. This deal greatly helps the budget when having to equip several bikes and keep them race ready. Race Tech and Devin have since built a strong relationship since then and will be resigning and hopefully helping him get out front of the pack next year.

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