Keeping it Local w/ Michael Barnum

A couple weeks ago we took it back to the roots, one of the first few places we debuted our brand Half Moon MX a local track just outside of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Team FUA rider Michael Barnum decided to come out and rip before heading up north for the fall to work.

After an impressive year in 2013 where he qualified for Loretta Lynn's and proceeded to win a moto in the 450 B class against the best ams in the country real life set in. The constant expense of motocross and the toll it takes on families is grueling, fast forward to 2014 Barnum is 18 and the cost of racing falls on him. His family still supports his efforts but Michael is working to pay for racing and hopes to return and qualify for LL next year.

It was good times back at Half Moon many of the friends we first met while handing out stickers and selling our first few batches of shirts. Much like before it was a very chill afternoon and good vibes with friends just hanging out a track watching dirtbikes. We took the GoPro out to film some lines of Mike's motos for a quick edit, we're already anxious for him to get back so we can join him and the rest of the TeamFUA riders and kick it and see some icey whips and berms blasted.

Video credit: Matthew Garrison & Tiquan Thompson

Edit: Marcus Garrison

Music: Trill Life - Juwols Jones

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