Jeff Berlin to race Fayetteville Rallycross

The newest to Team FUA, driver Jeff Berlin will be bringing his Subaru to Fayetteville, NC this weekend for his 3rd autocross race of the year. Berlin finished 3rd in his class and 5th overall at Rallycross Atlanta several weeks ago and is looking to continue his progress this Sunday.

We posted a link on our home page of GoPro runs from Rallycross Atlanta. Jeff was able to turn a 3rd place lap with a slight engine malfuntion. While experiencing what is believed to be problems with the ECU causing the engine to sputter, it didn't hurt him too bad but hopefully he will have that issue worked out. Another step to his new race career Jeff is looking to sign with another motorsports company very soon who is looking to support his rally efforts, we'll drop more details on that as they come.

Jeff is racing a 1998 Subaru Impreza GC8 backed by National Speed and Forever United. Like Jeff's rally team fan page on Facebook here

Upcoming schedule: July 27th- Fayetteville, NC August 2nd&3rd- Union Point, GA August 17th- Wilson, NC

Photo courtesy AML Photography


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