Car Shoot SX Season Finale

The final round of Supercross bought the race crew back to FUA Headquarters. Tiquan, Selah, Devin, and myself would meet up at my place to watch Supercross every few weekends, this weekend we got together early to hang out and got a photoshoot in with the rides we've been working on over the past few months.

The shoot went great, we ended up with some cool lifestyle and auto shots of Selah's Silverado, Tiquan's Genesis, and my Savanna. Supercross didn't disappoint either kicking off with our buddy Cooper Webb pulling a holeshot in his main event and leading over half of his race. He finished off 2nd equalling his best finish this year, and capping his season performance with the Rookie of the Year honors.

See the rest of the shoot here

Photo Cred: Brittany Rice Photography

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