TeamFUA invaded Atlanta last month for Supercross. It was my first time going to a supercross race and I got to enjoy it with a bunch of the Forever United crew. Burch, T-Rock, Devin, Tucker, Nowak and plenty other friends were all in town for the big weekend.

We were able to get a lot done and had a lot of fun with the team in the process. I met up with TeamFUA BMXer Steve Nowak and street team member Ryan Smith as soon as we got into town we did some riding at Brook Run skatepark but was cut short by the cold. So race day we treked out to the Georgia Dome, we get in to the pits just before the pit party started. We got to hang with Cooper Webb at the Star Racing rig, being that this is the closest race to home for us Cooper from Newport, NC was in town to see friends and family and to watch racing since he races west coast lites.

Getting to watch all that's going on in the pits and the prepartion during practise sessions was intense and an experience that makes you miss the real thing when watching it on television. The pyrotechnics, the racing, all the energy is so electric in the dome throughout the day it was an experience that I miss at home every week now.

The next day was a day full of BMX and photoshoots, starting in the morning we met up at one of my favorite spots I had found on a previous visit. We got to meet with a few of the team members and had some shoots in some dope graffiti spots thanks to Brittany of BR Photos. Steve put us on a sick spot and him, Ryan, and myself sessioned between shoots. After stacking clips and getting shoots at spot 1 with Tucker and Alex we rolled out to several skateparks in town for more riding. We rolled back to NC that evening with another fun roadtrip behind us and we've still got a ton of footage to sort through. Can't wait to get back down in the A, and if you're in the are and missed us be sure to catch us our next time through to pick up Forever United merchandise and possibly get in on some footage.

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