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Care Instructions

In order to ensure your Forever United products last as long as your style proper care is a must. As the case with most graphic products they often last the longest when you wash in cold water with similar colors, no bleach (or non-chlorine color safe bleach if necessary). Tumble dry low, and for printed shirts, iron inside-out on a low setting.

With digital printed products, used throughout the t-shirt industry it is common to notice cracking and fading over time. This occurs almost exclusively on dark digital print products and after many washes and years of enjoyment. The process of digital printing mimics a standard home inkjet printer, the ink is similarly layed onto the garment and though providing some longevity the inks are not cured (baked in) as a screen-printed or heat pressed design. The reason for using digital printing allows us to create products with an wide color range like those involving photographs whereas we are limited to 6 colors or fewer with other processes.

Ex. Defy Gravity

Screen-printing as mentioned is a method where long-lasting inks are forced into the fabric and then cured (baked) to set the design in. Color range is limited in the amount of colors you can use for designs (6 max)  though it offers the most vibrant and detailed look and is the standard of streetwear products. This method done right generally lasts a great deal longer than digital printing usually lasting the life of the garment.

Ex. DLE Tee

Flex printing is like screen printing another print style made for the long haul. This durable style can withstand more washes without fading or cracking than most any printing option on the market yet does not stretch as well when dealing with form fitting products. It however is also difficult to achieve the high detail levels found in other printing methods. Colors are limited to what manufactures produce while in screen printing you can virtually create your own color yet flex printing does include many specialty style colors and materials.

Ex. Rasta Blocks 

Flock printing is a stylish way to offer another dimension to designs. Similar to flex, flock printing is quite durable with a variety of bright color choices. The addition of feel is brought to designs with this style as it offers a velvety feel to products. Downfalls for flock printing is it is also limited when it comes to high detail and flexibility for contour products.

Ex. Feeling It Hoodie 


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