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From early sneaker culture, to the style of Pharrell Williams in hip hop videos, or the famous punk rock drummer Travis Barker the love for streetwear has been a constant in creator Marcus Garrison’s life.


For many years even as early as elementary age his art consistently found its way to t-shirts. Attending college for Graphic Design Marcus found more ways to present his art and was inspired to start his own brand. In his college apartment Marcus Garrison created Forever United.


Forever United was first introduced and welcomed by friends in the local motocross community. Since, athletes nationwide have helped provide great marketing wearing the FU logo in Skate, BMX, Surf, and Rally car communities. 


Marcus learned production and worked his way up from an entry level screen printer to developing in-house marketing in a local screen print facility. He has hand crafted products for his apparel line since opening shop in 2010. Designs reflecting the culture and building a community spreading the message of Unity through every drop.

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